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Chung Tai, the world’s leading Buddhist monastery, plans to build the Western Hemisphere’s largest all-purpose Zen monastery in Texas. Its artistic, cultural Buddhist buildings and articles will be priceless assets of the USA and all mankind. This is a historic event, likely to have a great, beneficial impact for one thousand years or more. The first stage of the Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery has been completed. The ensuing project is to build a Chung Tai International Retreat Center, whose beauty, peace, and value will be awe-inspiring.

It is stated in many sutras that helping construct a Buddhist monastery brings innumerable merits and blessings. Donors will have wealth and health life after life, enjoy the True Teaching and the company of holy beings, and eventually attain enlightenment.

Your support is needed for this great endeavor to come true. As the money received will fund the project and as the living and the deceased will benefit greatly with the blessings of the Three Jewels, we invite you to support our efforts.

You may make offerings to the Buddha, establish Eternal Blessing and Longevity Tablets, Memorial Tablets, and Ash Urn Niches.